Case Study: Sewage Treatment Plant at Provanstan Farm

Provanston Farm new sewage treatment plant installation

We were delighted to be asked to install a new sewage treatment plant for some clients who were building new accommodation on their property in Scotland. Provanston Farm near Fintry is an old building – well over 250 years of age. It isn’t connected to the mains sewage system, and so requires a tank to take its waste. 

Watch the full installation below…

The owners are in the process of constructing a new dwelling on the property, so of course it needs to be fully plumbed in before anyone can live there. We were asked to fit a brand new sewage treatment plant system on-site. You can read more about sewage treatment plants here, but briefly, they offer a more environmentally friendly solution to waste problems than septic tanks. This is because they actually treat the wastewater before releasing it back into the water system. As a result, the wastewater is pretty clean already before it finds its way back to nature. 

A digger and bulldozer installing a new sewage treatment plant at Provanston.

Digging the hole

As this was a brand-new system, we came and assessed the property first. We discussed with the owners the best place to host the tank. We had to check that the ground was suitable and that power could reach the tank. This is because, unlike a septic tank, a sewage treatment plant requires constant power to function. This is how it treats the waste to make sure the water it releases is clean.

A van and a digger installing a new tank.

When the final position was settled on, we soon got down to digging a hole. Our fleet of heavy machinery got to work and we always aim to keep disruption to a minimum on-site. Of course, it’s quite a big job but our experienced professionals are always on hand to answer any queries and ease any worries. 

The road down to Provanston Farm is a little tight, but this doesn’t put us off! Although our trucks and diggers are large, they are also surprisingly nimble. So if you have concerns about how we could get to your property down a narrow lane or rocky path, then just give us a shout to chat about it.

New sewage treatment tank on a truck going down a windy road.

Installing the tank

Overall, it took around two and a half days to install Provanton’s new tank from start to finish. We only install concrete tanks because we absolutely believe they give the best value for money for our customers in the long term. They are sturdy, capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and can last decades with the correct maintenance. 

The installation also includes connecting the tank to the house with the correct plumbing. We also needed to ensure a safe electrical connection too, so that when electricity is provided to the new build, the tank will function on day 1. So we dug a trench with waterpipes and electrical cabling to keep everything together and tidy.

The new sewage treatment plan goes into the ground at Provanston.

Another fine job!

This was an enjoyable job, with no hitches and everything ran smoothly. Key to this was the owners getting in touch with us early on. This meant we could set out a plan of action in advance and make sure the ground was suitable. 

“We knew Septic Tank Services would do a fantastic job. They were confident, professional and very knowledgeable! Everything went without a hitch, and they were friendly on-site, answering all my questions (and I had a lot!). I’m so happy with their work and would recommend them wholeheartedly.”
Jo – client.

Sewage treatment plants don’t need emptying out as much as septic tanks – but they still need maintenance. We look forward to supplying this service to Provanston Farm, and wish them many years of happy sewage treatment! If you would like us to install a new sewage treatment plant or septic tank at your location, do get in touch with our friendly team.