Understanding septic tanks: concrete versus plastic

Here at Septic Tank Services, we only install concrete septic tanks. This is because we believe they offer our customers in Scotland and the north of England the best value for money as they often last for 40 years, sometimes even longer.

The durability of concrete septic tanks offers peace of mind for customers that once their tank is installed, with proper maintenance they shouldn’t have to worry about replacing it for decades. But that’s not the only reason we recommend concrete tanks.

A concrete septic tank with green manhole.

Concrete Septic Tanks Benefits

Remember that septic tanks are usually buried deep underground, meaning they have the weight of soil above them. The weight can increase as more soil and plants are added. There is also the stress of other loads being placed on top of them, even for short periods of time. Concrete tanks are great at withstanding this pressure, resulting in fewer cracking problems and leaks.

Similarly, their weight is also a benefit when it comes to floating. If your home or business is in a high water-table area, flooding could cause problems with a more lightweight tank. A concrete one will remain stable and where it should be.

Concrete septic tanks also avoid the use of plastic, which is becoming a large problem for the environment. Plastic can break down over time resulting in microplastics. New research tells us this is quickly becoming one of the planet’s greatest manmade disasters of our time. Plastic can also leach chemicals into the environment and water system, causing health hazards to wildlife. Concrete ensures this does not happen.

A concrete manhole being cemented in.

The superiority of concrete septic tanks

We believe there is no reason to opt for plastic over concrete. In the long run, it is the cheaper option and with our regular emptying service, you can be sure it stays in the best of health. Concrete tanks are favoured for their durability and longevity, making them a solid choice for those looking to install a septic tank and then not have to worry about doing so again – at least for a very long time! If you would like to talk to us about installing a concrete septic tank, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’d be happy to discuss the next steps