Septic tank installations in Scotland

If you require septic tank installations in Scotland, from a company with extensive experience working on diverse landscapes, then Septic Tank Services Ltd can help. We are a team of skilled and qualified engineers and experts based in Argyll and Bute. We travel the length and breadth of Scotland to work on jobs with clients. Projects have been undertaken from Biggar to Aberdeen and plenty of other installations in between. You can see some examples of our work here.

Do you need a septic tank installed?

Septic tanks are used to treat wastewater before returning it to the water system. This water mainly comes from kitchens and toilets. The solid waste, or sludge, is stored at the bottom of the tank. Once separated, the water is discharged somewhere safe, like a discharge field. Septic tanks are used where there is no connection to the mains sewage network. As a result, they are mainly used in rural locations in the countryside.

We have installed many tanks across Scotland. Installation locations have included back gardens and the middle of fields. Are you installing a septic tank for the first time? We will be happy to help you decide on where would be best to place it.

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