Septic tank emptying in Edinburgh and the east coast

From Fife to Perthshire and down to Dunbar and beyond, our team work with customers across the east of Scotland to help install and maintain their septic tanks. Whether you need septic tank emptying in Edinburgh or camera inspections in St. Andrews, we are available. We offer professional advice, guidance and work on all septic tank systems. 

Berwick upon Tweed form the air.

Delivering professional service throughout Scotland

Making the decision to install a septic tank is a big one. It involves some disruption to your property as well as cost. This means when you replace your tank or have one installed for the first time, you want to hire a reliable team who will do it correctly. That’s what we offer at Septic Tank Services. Our professional team have installed tanks all over Scotland and the east coast, from Kirkcaldy to Dundee. We are delighted whenever customers get in touch for us to come back and help maintain their tank as it means they were happy with our work. 

Before we do any digging, the first step is to perform a percolation test on your ground. This ensures that waste water from the tank is able to soak away back into the ground safely. Once that has been taken care of to satisfaction, we can then begin planning either your replacement tank or where to put a new one. 

Whether you want a septic tank system or a sewage treatment plant, we will ensure your system is fully plumbed in and connected so well that you might almost forget it’s even there! With some simple maintenance such as regular emptying, your new tank should last you for many years to come. 

Kirkcaldy in Fife from the air.

We can help, wherever you are

People usually rely on septic tank systems because they not on the main sewerage line. They could live by the coast, deep in the countryside or in otherwise difficult to access areas. This isn’t necessarily a problem for us. We are well used to travelling along narrow roads or even dirt tracks. Many properties along the east coast of Scotland can be tricky to get to, and this can often put homeowners off asking someone to come out for septic tank maintenance. But it shouldn’t! Even if you live in the back of beyond, your septic systems needs to be taken care of. Just give us a call to start the chat and let us help. 

East coast and beyond

We are based in Argyll & Bute and our team work all over the country. From the east to the west, the Highlands to the Borders, we’re there. So if it’s septic tank emptying in Edinburgh or septic tank assessments in Berwick-upon-Tweed, wherever you are, get in touch and we’ll help you out