Septic tank services in the north of Scotland

All across the north of Scotland, our septic tank services are provided to customers in villages, towns and countryside properties. From Inverness to Ullapool, Wick to Mallaig and everywhere in between, you can rely on our friendly team to undertake septic tank cleaning, installation and maintenance.

A building by the hamlet of Fanagmore by the water.

Camera inspection services in the north of Scotland

If you live somewhere which is off the beaten track, chances are you will be using a septic tank to get rid of your waste water. Septic tanks are usually hidden underground so that they don’t spoil your views. This means it can be hard to get sight of any problems that might be occurring within them.

We offer camera inspection services to get inside the tanks and have a good look round. We make sure there are no cracks or bumps or holes that could grow and develop into costly fixes. Our top of the range camera gives us a full HD view inside, and is completely mobile. Whether you are up a hill near Elgin or down a valley around Inchnadamph, our camera can easily assess your tank for problems.

Buying a house in the north of Scotland? Check your septic tanks.

Before buying a property which uses a septic tank, you should always have it fully investigated. This is to check for any hidden issues. Failure to do so could result in hefty repair bills down the line. 

Our septic tank assessment services provide complete checks of your tank, pipes covers and drains. We can even advise if the tank is large enough for your needs. For example, if you are planning to grow a family, it may make sense to install a new, larger tank before you move in to minimise disruption. 

We’re a friendly bunch, so do talk to us about any concerns you might have with your tank. We’ll happily take a look with you and discuss the best way forward. 

Ullapool with a line of cottages and boats by the water.

North of Scotland accessibility

Our team are very used to navigating bendy roads and single track roads. You have to be if you do this job in Scotland! So don’t be put off calling us if you live somewhere like the end of an old track by Lochdrum or by a faded coastal road near Durness. Similarly, if you need our assistance in Aberdeen city centre, we’ll be just as happy to come to you.

For those living in the islands, do let us have a chat with you first. Whilst we have vehicles of different sizes, we want to make sure we can get them to you in a timely and cost-effective manner for any drainage services you may need. 

Septic tank services throughout Scotland

We are based in Lochgilphead and offer our services throughout Scotland and the north of England. If you are in the north of Scotland and looking for septic tank cleaning, or you need your tank replaced or assessed, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.