Are shared septic tanks a good idea?

When you live in an isolated area of Scotland or northern England, it can be good to have neighbours nearby. When you need to pull together to solve a problem, neighbours are your first port of call. It can also be that neighbours can join together to form a group which can save you money. This is especially true when it comes to shared septic tanks. 

So why should you share a septic tank with your neighbours? A shared septic tank between two or more houses can be an economically sensible idea. It shares both the costs and the risks with someone else. But those are not the only benefits.

A mini excavator preparing the ground for a septic tank installation.

An efficient pooling of resources

One of the biggest benefits of shared ownership of septic tanks is that communities of any size can pool their financial and logistical resources. This means the cost for maintenance and emptying the tank is reduced for each household, as is the cost for anything that may need fixing. 

Doing so can make a septic tank more economically feasible for families who may otherwise not be able to afford one.

Reduced strain on the environment

Septic tanks are environmentally friendly. We can further ease the strain on the environment by cutting down the number of tanks in one area. Instead of having multiple tanks spread through a relatively small area of land and with their associated plots for discharge water, we can limit it all to just one location.

With just one large tank in a single location, and one single discharge field, we can reduce the amount of digging and upheaval required at time of installation. Furthermore, when we come to maintain and empty the tank, we only need to access one location meaning turns can be taken by those sharing the tank to offer access. 

A group of people holding hands on grass.

Long term sustainability

Communities grow over time. Any new homes nearby will also require a waste water solution. By setting aside space for a community tank, more people can make use of this facility. It can even help foster a community spirit!

As the community grows, the tank sizes can grow too in order to accommodate more families. With each new addition to the community tank, the running cost for each family drops.

Make sure an agreement is in place

We always recommend that you put in place an agreement before having any work done to implement a shared septic tank. This outlines who is responsible for paying for the upkeep and fixing any problems. It should also outline how money should be collected to pay for work. An agreement, ideally drafted by a solicitor, gives everyone peace of mind.

Speak to us today

If you are thinking about clubbing together with neighbours for a new shared septic tank, or are looking to upgrade an existing one, then do get in touch. We cover all of Scotland and the north of England and are happy to discuss practicalities and next steps. We can assess your ground to make sure it is suitable and offer suggestions on what might work best.