Essential Household Sewage Services

Managing household sewage effectively is crucial for maintaining a healthy and hygienic living environment. For homes that are not connected to the local waste system, cesspits and septic tanks are common solutions for wastewater management. Regular maintenance, including emptying these systems, is essential to prevent overflows, contamination, and environmental problems. Here are some of the ways Septic Tank Services can help with your sewage services and keep your system running healthily for many years. 

A worker examines waste being sucked from a cesspit.


Although illegal in Scotland, cesspits can be kept in England. Our services cover the north of England, so if you are looking for help with maintaining or removing your cesspit, give us a call. We can empty them on a regular basis. This is vital as cesspits have no other way to release their contents, unlike septic tanks. We can stop your cesspit from overflowing or backflowing into your property.

Septic Tanks

Properties which cannot connect to the main sewer system require another means to dispose of their water waste. That’s where septic tanks come in, and they are most common in homes in the countryside and away from towns and cities. 

Regular emptying and maintenance of them is vital to ensure a long life and reduce the potential for leaks. Doing this avoids sewage backups into your home, which can be costly to fix. If not maintained properly, the bacteria in your septic tank will go out of balance and your tank may stop functioning correctly. This can lead to contamination and public health risks. 

A long red pipe sucking waste from a septic tank.

How we can help with you domestic sewage treatment

We have a range of services designed to make operating and maintaining your sewage treatment system a breeze. They include:

Inspection and Assessment

Our team of professionals will inspect your tank to assess its condition. If you haven’t had a check for some time, or if you have only recently moved into the property, then this is a vital step to making sure there are no problems brewing under the ground. They may check for signs of leaks, cracks, or other issues that need attention.

One of the key tools we can use to check tanks is our hi-tech camera, which gives us a clear view of every corner of your tank, and is minimally invasive. 

Tank emptying

We use our specialist trucks and pumping equipment to clean out your tanks. Septic tanks hold onto solid waste, so regular emptying is vital to ensure they continue to work properly. We will dispose of this waste properly and legally, following all environmental regulations.

Manage your domestic waste with Septic Tank Services

Regular emptying and maintenance of cesspits and septic tanks is essential to ensure a healthy living environment for all. Such maintenance not only protects your home and health but also contributes to a cleaner, safer environment. Get in touch with Septic Tank Services today and we will be happy to discuss how we can help with your sewage services.