Septic tank horror stories

When you’ve been in the septic tank game for as long as we have, you start to hear some horror stories that send shivers down your spine. Like any piece of technology or engineering, septic tank problems can crop up when you least expect them. However, with regular inspections from us at Septic Tank Services, the chances of something catastrophic happening are dramatically reduced. 

Here are some of our favourite (is that the right word?) horror stories from over the years.

Smelly backups and overflows

If a septic tank becomes too full, it can lead to backups and overflows, causing sewage to back up into the home or overflow into the yard. To avoid this, take advantage of our annual septic tank emptying  service to prevent the accumulation of solids.

A drain clogged with waste.

Clogged drains

Flushing non-biodegradable items like grease or excessive amounts of toilet paper down the drain will quickly lead to clogs in the septic system. This can result in messy backups right into your home which not only are expensive to fix, they can ruin carpets and furniture. We’ve seen the result of this and it is…most unpleasant. 

Chemical damage

Harsh chemicals and bleach cleaning products can disrupt the natural bacterial balance in the septic tank, hindering the breakdown of waste. This can mean your tank won’t be working efficiently and might start to smell or overflow. It’s okay to use bleach, but don’t be pouring bottles of it down your sink. Instead, use septic-safe products. If you are in doubt, we can come and assess the health status of your tank.

A flooding drain being fixed.

Root infiltration

Tree and plant roots can invade and clog septic system pipes, causing blockages and backups. Avoid planting trees or large shrubs near the septic field, and consider regular root maintenance. Otherwise, roots can quickly destroy your tank or, at the very least, inhibit it from working effectively by constricting pipes. If you are planning on installing a septic tank and looking for advice on what sort of land is suitable, then get in touch – we can help.

Poor installation

Inadequate installation of the septic tank or its components can lead to problems down the line. You need to make sure your septic tank pit is dug deep enough to ensure stability. Hire a qualified professional (like us!) for the installation process to ensure it meets local regulations and standards.

Unblocking a drain clogged up with waste.

Failure to inspect and maintain

Neglecting routine inspections and maintenance can allow issues to worsen over time. Tanks can leak, pipes can burst and your home and gardens quickly become a sewer. We can regularly inspect your system using cameras for signs of trouble and follow recommended maintenance schedules.

Inadequate drainfield protection

Parking vehicles or constructing structures over the drainfield can compact the soil and damage the pipes, leading to reduced system efficiency. Keep the drainfield area clear to allow proper absorption of wastewater. If you would like us to undertake some percolation testing, just give us a call.

A flooding drain being fixed.

Let us help you avoid these horrors!

To avoid these horror stories and septic tank problems, it’s crucial to educate yourself about proper septic system maintenance and work with qualified professionals for installation and maintenance tasks. Regular inspections and proper waste disposal practices can go a long way in preventing septic system issues and ensuring the safety and functionality of your system. Give us a shout to book your next inspection or emptying.