Registering your septic tank with SEPA in Scotland

If you own a property in Scotland with a septic tank or a private sewage treatment system, it’s important to register it with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). If you have just moved into a property, it’s worth checking that all registration details are up to date. This process helps ensure that your system operates in an environmentally responsible manner and complies with Scottish regulations. Once you are on the SEPA septic tank register, remember to keep your tank up to date with regular checks.

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Why Register Your Septic Tank?

It is a legal requirement to register your septic tank with SEPA in Scotland. This is crucial for protecting Scotland’s environment as it’s important to ensure that any discharge can be properly monitored. This prevents problems such as the pollution of the local environment and waterways. It also ensures that wastewater cannot contaminate drinking water sources. By using Septic Tank Services to install and maintain your tank, you can ensure it will meet all regulatory requirements. 

Guide to registering your septic tank with SEPA

If you are unsure as to whether your septic tank has already been registered correctly with SEPA then you can contact them directly to check. Use this SEPA registration check form to get in touch with them. 

You can register your wastewater system if it is both more than two years old and serves up to nine properties. Do note that this comes with a monetary cost. It’s a straightforward process to register, just make sure you have all the details of your tank to hand first. You can begin the registration process with SEPA here.

In time you should get confirmation form SEPA that you have registered your tank – make sure to keep this somewhere safe.

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Maintain Your Septic Tank

Once registered, your septic tank should be properly maintained to ensure it continues to function properly. The accidental release of waste into the environment is a big problem, but also fortunately one which can be prevented. 

With regular emptying and tank assessments, we can ensure that your tank lasts as long as possible. We can use our hi-tech camera to get a close look at the inside of your tank to check for cracks and problems, often being able to fix them before they become major issues.

Regular emptying of your tank ensures the bacteria inside work a peak performance, whilst also stopping the tank from overflowing. this can lead to back-ups into your home through the toilet and sinks. This can lead to flooding and the expense of replacing flood-damaged items. 

Registering and maintaining your septic tank

After you are on the SEPA septic tank register, you can rely on Septic Tank Services to keep it up and running. We offer our services throughout Scotland, and in the North of England too. Just get in touch with us and we’ll happily chat through how we can help.