Septic tank plumbers

“I’m looking for a plumber near me in Scotland or the north of England who can fix my septic tank!” We hear that a lot when someone’s wastewater system has broken. Of all the many plumbers out there you can contact, when it comes to septic tanks and pipes we’re exactly who you want to call for help. 

If you are looking for plumber services to help install, maintain or remove your septic tank or cesspit then we will be delighted to help. Covering all of Scotland and the north of England, we have a fleet of vehicles and a team of professionals who can be with you and deal with your problem in a speedy and efficient manner.

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Problems with your septic tank?

Are you smelling funny odours form your septic tank, inside or outside your home? Or perhaps your land is getting marshy near it. Maybe even you are getting some backflow from the tank into your sink or toilet. All of these problems need checked out ASAP because they suggest underlying issues with the health of your septic tank. 

Problems can include cracks in the tank or the pipes, or leaky seals or washers. It’s important we get a look straight away. We can get valuable insight into the health of your tank by using our specialist camera equipment to understand what the issues are. Then we can get to work with fixing the tank or, if there are serious problems, we can help you organise a replacement.

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Installing septic tanks

Whether you need to replace an old tank or are looking to have one installed with a new build, we can help ensure everything goes smoothly. We always take great care of your property as much as possible when digging and filling in the holes for the tank and pipework. 

If you are having one installed for the first time, we can help assess the suitability of the ground, both for the tank and the runoff. It’s important to have an area of ground where waste water can be released safely. This ground has to have a certain level of permeability, and we can test for this. Otherwise, if the ground is too hard, the water may flood the surface. If it is too soft, it may become marshy ground. 

Wherever you live in Scotland or the north of England, our septic tank services are for you.

Got a blockage?

Owners of septic tanks know all too well what you can and can’t put down your drains. However, sometimes accidents happen and blockages occur, causing water to build up and re-enter your home through the sinks or toilets. This is a smelly and potentially expensive problem. 

We can blast this away with our powerful jet wash, giving your waste pipes a new lease of life and stopping problems from entering your home. If you are noticing slow drainage, increasing smells or hear unusual noises form your pipes, give us a shout and we’ll investigate.

Plumbers for your septic tank

So if you’ve searched for ‘plumbers near me’ and are looking for someone to help with your septic tank concerns in Scotland or the north of England, then we’re the team for you. Get in touch and find out how we can help you.