Septic tank services in the south of Scotland

If you are looking at emptying or installing a septic tank in the south of Scotland, then let our dedicated and professional team make sure it’s done properly. We cover all areas of the south, including Girvan, Dumfries, Moffat and Galashiels. Whether you are in a town centre or coastal cottages, if you have a septic tank, we can empty and service it. 

Installing new septic tanks

Anyone planning on moving into a new property which is not connected to mains sewerage will be looking to install a septic tank. This is what will take away your toilet waste and kitchen waste water. They are used to ensure dirty water is not released directly into the environment.

A view of Ailsa Craig.

We have many years of experience in installing septic tanks, often in areas that are difficult to get to. Fortunately our fleet of expert installers and drivers are accustomed to Scotland’s windy roads and tight bends. So even if you live in the back of beyond, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We will be happy to advise you on the best location for your septic tank. It could even be you would be better suited to a sewage treatment plant. We can make sure there is adequate land for runoff by performing a percolation test

For more advice on installing a new septic tank or replacing an old one, get in touch with us.

Emptying septic tanks

To ensure perfect running of your septic tank for decades, it’s vital that they are emptied regularly. Our emptying services are quick and efficient. You can book in a convenient time slot when you speak to us. Above all, we aim to ensure you are happy with our service.

All the way from Galloway Forest Park to all over the Southern Uplands, our fleet will ensure your tank is emptied. Also at the same time, we can also check the tank’s health. This ensures that any small issues don’t turn into large – and expensive – problems to fix down the line. Ask us about our septic tank assessments when you book your emptying. 


High pressure water-jet drain cleaning

From time to time, drains get blocked. That’s just life. But when you live somewhere remote, you might find some companies don’t want to drive out to you. Not us! Wherever you are in the south of Scotland, from Peebles to Cumnock to Stranraer and beyond, we are happy to offer our drain cleaning services. 

We use a high pressure water jet to really make sure we get rid of any blockage. Nothing can stand in the way of this high intensity stream! So whether it’s a new blockage or you are cleaning out an old pipe system, we’ll be happy to help.

Keeping your septic tanks in top order

We are a Scotland-wide company and love visiting clients throughout the south of Scotland looking at emptying or installing a septic tank. If you would like more information, then take a look at our other services and discover how we can help.