Things to consider when upgrading your domestic septic tank

Upgrading your domestic septic tank is a significant decision that will result in some upheaval to your property as well as your wallet. That’s why it’s important to consider all aspects of such a project in advance. Here at Septic Tank Services, we have helped hundreds of customers replace old and leaking tanks with new ones which will last decades. When you call us out to talk about your plans for upgrading your domestic septic tank, there are a few things to consider that we might want to talk over with you.

A domestic septic tank placed in the ground.

Is your current site still suitable?

If your domestic septic tank has been in place for a long time, it’s important to make sure the land is still suitable to hold one. Rising groundwater levels and ground movement can all impact the suitability of a tank site. We would also want to ensure that your discharge area is still performing as well as possible, and we can do a percolation test to make sure everything is still in order. Effluent from a septic tank needs to be able to drain away so as to avoid flooding and creating marshy conditions. If your current site is experiencing those problems, we can help advise on other alternative locations.

Do you need a different sized septic tank?

One of the key questions to consider is whether the tank you have is the appropriate size for your needs. Are you planning on having a family? Are you going to sell your house and a larger tank might increase your home value? You might even want to move the septic tank location and as a result need to downsize. We can help talk through your options.

Would you be better off with a domestic sewage treatment plant?

It may be that a septic tank is no longer enough for you and your family’s needs. A domestic sewage treatment plant might be a better option. Two of the benefits of such systems are that they produce a more environmentally friendly effluent, and they also do not require a soakaway system. Check out our blog for more.

A new septic tank installed near a wall.

Keep in mind costs for landscaping

One of our key aims when replacing septic tanks is to keep any ground distrubance to a minimum. However in cases where that may not be possible, it’s important for you consider any costs involved in re-landscaping after the new tank has been installed. This is something we are happy to advise you on, and our landscaping team are experts at making it look like we were never there!

Speak to us for professional advice

Wherever you are in Scotland or the north of England, give us a call and we can help ensure replacing your domestic septic tank happens with as little fuss to you as possible. We are a family run business and understand that such large projects need to be managed carefully and by experts like us. Get in touch today to arrange a chat.