Domestic septic tank emptying services

Are you looking for a reliable septic tank emptying service? If so, get in touch. Septic Tank Services is a family run business and our focus on customer care is matched only by our knowledge of septic tank installation and maintenance. We serve customers throughout Scotland and the north of England, emptying septic tanks regularly and reliably. We offer domestic septic tank emptying services from our base in the west of Scotland. So from Inverness to Alnmouth, if you are looking for a professional team who work efficiently and with minimal disturbance to your home, then get in touch today.

Installing a concrete septic tank.

Emptying services and septic tank maintenance

Did you know that a well maintained septic tank could last 30 or even 40 years? All the tanks we install are concrete because we believe they give the best value to our customers over time. They can better withstand the stresses of ground movement and rising water levels compared to their plastic counterparts. However, you can’t simply leave them in the ground and forget about them. They have to be emptied regularly, and also checked for any problems that may arise.

We offer regular domestic septic tank emptying services to ensure they continue to work efficiently. If you don’t empty regularly, the tank may overflow, or you may find dirty water backing up into your sinks and toilets. In addition, you might have problems with your pipes leaking. 

Get in touch today and book your next septic tank empty with us.

Digging a hole for a septic tank.

Regular septic tank assessments

It’s a good idea to book in regular assessments of your septic tanks. These are minimally invasive and use a specialist camera system to allow us to see every square inch of the inside of your tank. 

This lets us see if there are any problems developing in your tank. It’s especially important in older tanks who may be nearing the end of their lives, or tanks which have not been maintained properly for some time. We can make sure everything is in good working order. If there are problems, we can advise on the best way to fix them.

Should there be a blockage, we can use our high pressure water jets to blast your drains clean. This is an easy way to ‘reset’ your pipes, especially if they have been suffering from neglect. We can also make sure they are still up to the job without having any holes or cracks. 

Let the experts check your tank

Our team of professionals have installed, assessed and maintained thousands of tanks over the years, and they have a good eye for detail. So if you want peace of mind that your tank is in good condition and is emptied regularly and thoroughly, then give Septic Tank Services a call. Our domestic septic tank emptying services are available all across Scotland the north of England. Whether you are at the bottom of an old lane or perched on the side of a cliff, our fleet of vehicles will come and service your wastewater appliances. Just get in touch today and we can help book in a time to help you when it’s convenient.